Travis Cuzick

Data Solutions Engineer

Travis has been architecting and coding data solutions for well over a decade and for some of the biggest companies on the Fortune 500.

As a self-taught developer and an Instructor of the Zero to Mastery Academy, Travis aims to make the learning process as efficient, intuitive, and fun (yes, fun!) for his students as possible to help them achieve real world success that extends far beyond the completion of his courses.

Travis applies exceptional SQL programming skills and extensive experience querying and manipulating multi-terabyte enterprise data stores for his work as a Data Solutions Engineer with major U.S. financial institutions. With a focus on being a strong communicator that is effective at defining complex business requirements and concisely summarizing detailed data analysis to business leaders, you know Travis can both talk the talk and walk and walk.

Courses should teach practical skills that are current and that lay a foundation for a future in this incredible and exciting industry. Having started as a self-taught developer, Travis knows the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin, and the importance of learning from the best available sources.

Drawing from his vast experiences, Travis will show you that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the skills you need to learn in-demand and future-proof skills, get hired, and make a difference.