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April 04 2023 · 9 min watch

The 10 Hard Truths of Being a Software Engineer

October 14 2023 · 13 min watch

You Won't Believe What the State of AI Survey Uncovered!

October 19 2022 · 16 min watch

How To Land Your First Tech Job (With Very Little Experience)

March 19 2021 · 15 min watch

ZTM Community Discord: Behind The Scenes Look

October 19 2023 · 8 min watch

How to beat Imposter Syndrome! (Avoid my $18,000 mistake... 🤦‍♂️)

May 28 2023 · 8 min watch

How The Feynman Technique Will Make You a Better Developer

September 04 2022 · 21 min watch

How to Create a GitHub Profile READ ME | GitHub Tutorial

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