Zero To Mastery Student Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than the success of our students. Below is a collection of just a few of these stories from real ZTM students now working at some world-class companies around the world.

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ZTM students get hired.

Olga Fomin

Software Engineer

I was asked a lot of security questions at my interview with Tesla and I was able to answer them because of Andrei’s course: Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap. I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to learn web dev inside and out.

Justin Lin

Software Engineer

Andrei is one of the best teachers & his courses were a big reason I was able to get internships at both JP Morgan and Amazon. 2020 UPDATE: I just got an offer from Amazon as a full-time engineer. I couldn't have done it without the foundations from ZTM.

Karan Verma

Software Engineer

Andrei’s course helped me to ace my Frontend Engineer interviews at places like Uber, Amazon India and Gojek. Can't thank you and the ZTM community enough!

Damon Clemons

Software Engineer

I want to thank Andrei, Yihua and the entire ZTM community for building such an amazing platform for people like me. I went from not believing much in myself to having the foundation to be a great engineer and JUST got an offer from Google! Thank you!

Adil Asif

Senior Software Engineer

A year ago I couldn't write an app or put up a website. Now, I've started a new career as a Web Developer thanks to you, your courses, your advice, and your posts. Thank you!

Haidarali Shah

Web Developer

I have landed myself a job at UNIQLO thanks to your courses! The feeling and situation currently is going to change my generation and my family completely... thank you to Andrei and the ZTM community!

Adam Szwaba

Frontend Programmer

I GOT HIRED! Thanks to Andrei Neagoie and everybody else. I learnt so much here and plan on staying here to further the fantastic ZTM discord community we have.

Methkal Khalawi

Cloud Solution Architect (Google Cloud)

Glad to tell you I got a job at Google Cloud today and it’s all thanks to Andrei Neagoie’s courses. Thanks a lot, you are a great teacher!

Caroline Chan

Software Developer

I can't recommend Andrei's courses and the ZTM community enough. From having zero programming experience, and changing careers at 38, I managed to secure not one, but two job offers in only 6 months AND was even scouted by a Google recruiter!

Aradhya Bansal

Web Development Intern

ZTM was the key stepping stone to building my confidence, learning CS fundamentals, starting my own projects and ultimately passing the infamous Google coding interview and getting hired ahead of thousands with way more experience.

Joy Goh-Mah

Web Developer

I’ve been offered my first Web Developer job with a fantastic company (Powster)! A big thank you to @AndreiNeagoie for your excellent course, wonderful teaching skills, lovely personality and your great ZTM community.

Faiz-ur Rahman

Software Engineer

I just started at Blizzard as an Associate Software Engineer. I never thought I’d be able to pivot from Technical Support to Software Engineering but Andrei’s course and the ZTM community helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to get this role.

Jonathan Sou

Web Developer

Without a doubt in my mind, taking Andrei’s course was the singular best decision I made during my job hunt and helped propel me into a full time web development role. Thank you so much, @AndreiNeagoie.

Anca Toma

Software Developer

It’s only my 3rd day as a Software Developer but I’m loving it! I was able to go from ZERO experience 4.5 months ago, to landing the perfect Software Developer job, using ZTM courses only. All the projects in my portfolio were also from the ZTM courses!

Răzvan Cîrlugea

JavaScript Developer

All because of Andrei and his courses, I’ve been able to learn to code, blow away interviewers, get my first job as a web developer, become a React instructor and just got a new job as an intermediate developer with double the salary in only 7 months!

Ruben Marin

Web Application Developer

Thanks to @AndreiNeagoie's course, I was able to finally land my first Web Dev job after graduating with my CS degree in May. I learned more from his course than my many years in University. Highly recommended!

Sheel Parekh

Software Development Engineer

I am largely grateful to the ZTM community and Andrei since I don't think it would have been possible to get hired as an Engineer at Apple (and now Amazon) without them!

Dajana Stojchevska

Software Engineer

Andrei, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re definitely not only the best instructor out there but also the best motivator. I also wanted to let you know I just got an offer from Google so I will be another one of your graduates there!

Rafay Syed

Software Engineer

After going through Andrei’s course on studying for the programming interview, I was able to pass all 5 rounds to get an amazing job as a software engineer at Salesforce! I couldn’t have done it without the help of Andrei and the Zero To Mastery community!

Zans Litinskis

Software Engineer

In 2018, I landed my first dev job after taking Andrei's Complete Web Developer course and being part of the ZTM community. In 2019, I took Andrei's Advanced JS course which helped me get hired by Accenture.

Chandler Baskins

Web Developer

After 7 months & 27 days of long nights, sacrificing family time to teach myself to code, I finally got a job offer. Andrei’s ZTM courses gave me the structure & foundation I needed. I faced imposter syndrome. I almost gave up. But I persevered!

Leonardo Escudero

Software Engineer

Thank you for creating this amazing platform! I had no confidence at all until I started working through your courses. I was ultimately able to get an internship with Cisco (App Dynamics) as a Software Engineer! Thanks again 😊

Swagath Shetty

Junior Software Developer

Just got my first job as a junior software developer despite not having a CS degree or any work exp. Thank you Andrei and the whole ZTM community which motivated me to continue further!

Kristian Rykkje

Web Developer

After just 4 months non-stop working with your courses, I landed a job as a web developer for one of the largest fotball apps in the world! Prior to starting with Zero to Mastery, I had NO coding experience. Thank you for being the best there is!

Tyler Sustare

Senior Developer

Thank you! I wanted to tell you that within weeks of taking your Coding Interview (FAANG) course, I landed a job at my dream company (Shopify)! Unlike other courses, I learned the frameworks to apply to any problem of that type, not just memorizing a+b=c.

Gazi Md. Shahnewaz

Software Engineer

Andrei’s courses helped me to not only land my first job as a Developer but also helped me master data structures & rank 5th out of 1,627 in Toptal's JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge. ZTM taught me everything I needed to be hired as a Software Engineer.

Andrew Price

Software Engineer II - Java

I'm a Software Engineer! Unemployed just after the start of Covid I was very depressed but didn't give up. I applied to over 100 positions. When I finally had the opportunity to show off my skills I was prepared thanks to ZTM. I can't recommend ZTM enough!

Ankit Salian

Full Stack Developer

I recently switched jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I was able to succeed in my interviews and got hired as a Full Stack Developer at JP Morgan thanks to your courses. Even now, I am still learning from you!

Gurprit Singh

Software Engineer

Can't thank Andrei & Yihua enough. Their React course changed my life. Despite having no coding experience I managed to get a job as a Software Developer. Keep empowering others through ZTM :)

Mauro Rodrigues

Big Data Engineer

No college degree. No programming experience. Risked everything and moved countries to change my life. Joined ZTM. Got a job as a Big Data Developer! It wasn’t easy but it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the ZTM courses and community.

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