Daniel Bourke

Machine Learning Engineer

Daniel, a self-taught Machine Learning Engineer, has worked at one of Australia's fastest-growing artificial intelligence agencies, Max Kelsen, and is now using his expertise to teach thousands of students data science and machine learning as an Instructor of the Zero to Mastery Academy. He has worked on machine learning and data problems across a wide range of industries including healthcare, eCommerce, finance, retail and more.

Aside from building machine learning models on his own, Daniel loves writing about and making videos on the process. His articles and videos on machine learning on his personal blog, as well as YouTube, have collectively received over 5 million views. He also writes a monthly newsletter, Machine Learning Monthly.

Daniel knows what it's like to try and learn a new topic, online and on your own. So he pours his soul into making sure his courses are as accessible as possible and takes complicated topics and explains them in an entertaining, yet simple and educative way.