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TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2023

Learn TensorFlow. Pass the TensorFlow Developer Certificate Exam. Get Hired as a TensorFlow developer. This course will take you from a TensorFlow beginner to being part of Google's Certification Network.


Taught by: Daniel Bourke

Last updated: November 2022

Course overview

Learn TensorFlow, pass the TensorFlow Developer Certificate exam and get hired as a Machine Learning Engineer making $100,000+ a year. Taught by TensorFlow Certified Expert, Daniel Bourke, this course will take you step-by-step from an absolute beginner with TensorFlow to becoming part of Google's TensorFlow Certification Network.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to pass Google's official TensorFlow Developer Certificate exam (and add it to your resume)
  • Complete access to ALL interactive notebooks and ALL course slides as downloadable guides
  • Understand how to integrate Machine Learning into tools and applications
  • Build image recognition, text recognition algorithms with deep neural networks and convolutional neural networks
  • Applying Deep Learning for Time Series Forecasting
  • Be recognized as a top candidate for recruiters seeking TensorFlow developers
  • Build TensorFlow models using Computer Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing
  • Increase your skills in Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Learn to build all types of Machine Learning Models using the latest TensorFlow 2
  • Using real-world images in different shapes and sizes to visualize the journey of an image through convolutions to understand how a computer “sees” information, plot loss and accuracy
  • Gain the skills you need to become a TensorFlow Certified Developer

Why should I learn TensorFlow and get the TensorFlow Developer Certificate?

Here's the top 3 reasons why we think you should learn TensorFlow:

  1. Lots of jobs available: Used by major companies like Google, Airbnb, Uber, DeepMind, Intel, IBM, Twitter means there is huge job demand for TensorFlow developers. TensorFlow is outgrowing other popular ML tools like PyTorch in the job market.
  2. High demand = High salary: TensorFlow developers earn US$148,000 on average with some earning over US$200,000 according to recent statistics from ZipRecruiter.
  3. Old fashioned FUN: Learning TensorFlow allows you to build deep learning models for a range of tasks such as regression, computer vision (finding patterns in images), natural language processing (finding patterns in text) and time series forecasting (predicting future trends given a range of past events). That's pretty damn awesome!

The goal of this course is to teach you all the skills necessary for you to pass the exam and get your TensorFlow Developer Certification so you can display it on your resume, LinkedIn, Github and other social media platforms to make you stand out as a top candidate for recruiters looking for TensorFlow Developers. You'll also be part of Google's TensorFlow Developer Network where recruiters are able to find you.

And you'll be learning TensorFlow in good company.

Graduates of Zero To Mastery are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Uber, Facebook, Shopify + other top tech companies.

This can be you.

By enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom to learn alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors.

Most importantly, you will be learning TensorFlow from an industry expert who is TensorFlow Certified and has real-world Machine Learning experience.

Here is a full breakdown of everything you will learn in this TensorFlow Course:

This TensorFlow course is very hands-on and project based. You won't just be staring at us teach and code. We'll leave that for other tutorials and courses.

You will actually be running experiments, doing exercises and building real-world machine learning models and projects to mimic real life scenarios.

We will also show you what the TensorFlow exam will look like for you.

By the end of it all, you will develop the skillset needed to develop modern deep learning solutions that big tech companies encounter.

Fair warning, this course is very comprehensive. But don't be intimidated, we will teach you everything from scratch!

0. TensorFlow Fundamentals

  • Introduction to tensors (creating tensors)
  • Getting information from tensors (tensor attributes)
  • Manipulating tensors (tensor operations)
  • Tensors and NumPy
  • Using @tf.function (a way to speed up your regular Python functions)
  • Using GPUs with TensorFlow

1. Neural Network Regression with TensorFlow

  • Build TensorFlow sequential models with multiple layers
  • Prepare data for use with a machine learning model
  • Learn the different components which make up a deep learning model (loss function, architecture, optimization function)
  • Learn how to diagnose a regression problem (predicting a number) and build a neural network for it

2. Neural Network Classification with TensorFlow

  • Learn how to diagnose a classification problem (predicting whether something is one thing or another)
  • Build, compile & train machine learning classification models using TensorFlow
  • Build and train models for binary and multi-class classification
  • Plot modelling performance metrics against each other
  • Match input (training data shape) and output shapes (prediction data target)

3. Computer Vision and Convolutional Neural Networks with TensorFlow

  • Build convolutional neural networks with Conv2D and pooling layers
  • Learn how to diagnose different kinds of computer vision problems
  • Learn to how to build computer vision neural networks
  • Learn how to use real-world images with your computer vision models

4. Transfer Learning with TensorFlow Part 1: Feature Extraction

  • Learn how to use pre-trained models to extract features from your own data
  • Learn how to use TensorFlow Hub for pre-trained models
  • Learn how to use TensorBoard to compare the performance of several different models

5. Transfer Learning with TensorFlow Part 2: Fine-tuning

  • Learn how to setup and run several machine learning experiments
  • Learn how to use data augmentation to increase the diversity of your training data
  • Learn how to fine-tune a pre-trained model to your own custom problem
  • Learn how to use Callbacks to add functionality to your model during training

6. Transfer Learning with TensorFlow Part 3: Scaling Up (Food Vision mini)

  • Learn how to scale up an existing model
  • Learn to how evaluate your machine learning models by finding the most wrong predictions
  • Beat the original Food101 paper using only 10% of the data

7. Milestone Project 1: Food Vision

  • Combine everything you've learned in the previous 6 notebooks to build Food Vision: a computer vision model able to classify 101 different kinds of foods. Our model well and truly beats the original Food101 paper.

8. NLP Fundamentals in TensorFlow

You'll learn to:

  • Preprocess natural language text to be used with a neural network
  • Create word embeddings (numerical representations of text) with TensorFlow
  • Build neural networks capable of binary and multi-class classification using:
    • RNNs (recurrent neural networks)
    • LSTMs (long short-term memory cells)
    • GRUs (gated recurrent units)
    • CNNs
  • Learn how to evaluate your NLP models

9. Milestone Project 2: SkimLit

  • Replicate the model which powers the PubMed 200k paper to classify different sequences in PubMed medical abstracts (which can help researchers read through medical abstracts faster)

10. Time Series fundamentals in TensorFlow

  • Learn how to diagnose a time series problem (building a model to make predictions based on data across time, e.g. predicting the stock price of AAPL tomorrow)
  • Prepare data for time series neural networks (features and labels)
  • Understanding and using different time series evaluation methods
    • MAE — mean absolute error
  • Build time series forecasting models with TensorFlow
    • RNNs (recurrent neural networks)
    • CNNs (convolutional neural networks)

11. Milestone Project 3: (Surprise)

  • If you've read this far, you are probably interested in the course. This last project will be good... we promise you, so see you inside the course ;)

What's the bottom line?

TensorFlow's growth and adoption is exploding which means more and more job openings are appearing for this specialized knowledge.

Companies like Google, Airbnb, Uber, DeepMind, Intel, IBM, Twitter, and many others are currently powered by TensorFlow. TensorFlow is even outgrowing other popular Machine Learning tools like PyTorch in the job market.

We guarantee you this is the most comprehensive online course on passing the TensorFlow Developer Certificate and qualify you as a TensorFlow expert.

So why wait? Advance your career and earn a higher salary by becoming a Google Certified Developer and adding TensorFlow to your toolkit 💪.

And you have nothing to lose. Because you can start learning right now and if this course isn't everything you expected, we'll refund you 100% within 30 days. No hassles and no questions asked.

When's the best time to get started? Today!

There's never a bad time to learn in-demand skills. But the sooner, the better. So start learning TensorFlow today by joining the ZTM Academy. You'll have a clear roadmap to developing the skills to build your own projects, get hired, and advance your career.

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What you'll build

The best way you learn is by doing. Not just watching endless tutorials. That's why a key part of this course is the real-world projects that you'll get to build. Plus they'll look great on your portfolio.

Food Vision

Food Vision

Build a deep learning computer vision to model to identify over 100 different types of food. We'll use transfer learning to take what one model has learned elsewhere and apply it to our own problem, beating previous state of the art results along the way.



Researchers do enough reading. In SkimLit (skim the literature), we'll use natural language processing (NLP) to build a model to help classify research abstracts into smaller, more understandable pieces.



Is Bitcoin going up or down tomorrow? Let's build a deep learning model to find out. We'll replicate the N-BEATS algorithm, a state of the art time series forecasting model. Note: This project is not financial advice.

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Don't just take our word for it

Our courses and community have helped 1,000s of Zero To Mastery students go from zero to getting hired to levelling up their skills and advancing their careers to new heights.

Subhabrata Nath

This course is far better than any others and this is from personal experience. I have watched lots of videos about Deep Learning, but here you'll get knowledge along with inspiration to write code as much as possible, and this is all that matters.

Subhabrata Nath

Thank you so much! This is an amazing course. I just passed my TF exam and I couldn't have done it without you. I had 3 calls for job offers today in Machine Learning roles! I would recommend this A+ course to anyone who wants to level-up and stand out.

Seth Johnson

This course is just plain amazing. Danial focuses on the code and the practical aspects of Deep Learning rather than go deep (pun intended) on the theory. His way of teaching is unparalleled, and listening to him always brings a smile to my face.


Daniel is such an excellent instructor. I wish I found him way earlier. He built the course layer upon layer so that you have a strong foundation to understand more difficult concepts and he shows you his thought process and approach to solving problems.

Sha Brown

Excellent course! I've taken ML classes before, but it was extremely beneficial to go through this tensorflow course. This course gave me the tools and confidence to start working on reviewing datasets and allowed me to focus on understanding the data.


Best course to practically learn Deep Learning and Tensorflow. The instructors design the course such that, after the course you are able to use those technologies in your projects. You really go from zero to mastery!

Joel Joseph

Course curriculum

To make sure this course is a good fit for you, you can start learning TensorFlow for free right now by clicking any of the PREVIEW links below.

Deep Learning and TensorFlow Fundamentals

32 lectures

Neural network regression with TensorFlow

30 lectures

Neural network classification in TensorFlow

35 lectures

Computer Vision and Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow

37 lectures

Transfer Learning in TensorFlow Part 2: Fine tuning

28 lectures

Transfer Learning with TensorFlow Part 3: Scaling Up

23 lectures

NLP Fundamentals in TensorFlow

35 lectures

Milestone Project 2: SkimLit

36 lectures

Time Series fundamentals in TensorFlow + Milestone Project 3: BitPredict

64 lectures

Meet your instructor

Your TensorFlow instructor (Daniel) isn't just an expert with years of real-world professional experience. He has been in your shoes. He makes learning fun. He makes complex topics feel simple. He will motivate you. He will push you. And he will go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Daniel Bourke

Hi, I'm Daniel Bourke!

Daniel, a self-taught Machine Learning Engineer, has worked at one of Australia's fastest-growing artificial intelligence agencies, Max Kelsen, and is now using his expertise to teach thousands of students data science and machine learning.


Daniel Bourke

Machine Learning Engineer

Frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

  • No previous TensorFlow knowledge required. Basic understanding of Machine Learning is helpful but if you've taken Daniel's Machine Learning course, you're all set!
  • A computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) with an internet connection

Who is this course for?

  • You want a step-by-step guide to pass the TensorFlow Developer Certificate exam so that you can join Google's Certificate Network and get hired at a top company, making over $100,000 / year
  • You want to be recognized as a top tier quality candidate by recruiters at leading companies
  • Anyone who wants to learn TensorFlow and how to pass the TensorFlow exam from an industry expert (Daniel Bourke) who has taken and passed the exam and has actually worked in the field
  • Students, developers, and data scientists who want to demonstrate practical machine learning skills by actually building and training real models using TensorFlow
  • Anyone looking to expand their knowledge when it comes to AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Anyone looking to get real-world experience building TensorFlow models using Computer Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing with the latest version of TensorFlow

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

We definitely do and they are quite nice. You will also be able to add Zero To Mastery Academy to the education section of your LinkedIn profile as well.

Can I use the course projects in my portfolio?

Yes, you’d be crazy not to in our slightly biased opinion! All projects are downloadable and ready to use the minute you join.

Many of our students tell us the projects they built while following along with our courses were what got them interviews and because they built the projects themselves, they could confidently explain and walk through their work during the interview.

You know what that means? Job offer!

Can I download the videos?

Definitely. You can download any and all lessons for personal use. We do everything we can to make learning easy, fun and accessible. Whether that’s on your commute, on a flight or just when you have limited access to good WiFi.

Can I learn TensorFlow and pass the exam with free resources?

Daniel here... Yes, of course you can. You can go learn all the skills you need by going through the TensorFlow documentation.

In fact, when I need to practice something, I copy the documentation examples verbatim (every line of code), practice understanding it line by line, then see if I can do it myself.

However, that will likely take you a long time. This course puts you on a fast track to passing the TensorFlow exam by providing you with a clear step-by-step guide with absolutely everything you need to learn in one place.

Still have more questions about the Academy?

Still have more questions specific to the Academy membership? No problem, we answer some more here.

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