Web Developer Monthly 💻🚀 August 2019

Andrei Neagoie

14th issue! If you missed the last few months, check them all out here.

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Being a web developer is a fantastic career option. You have many job opportunities, you can work around the world, and you get to solve hard problems. One thing that is hard, however, is staying up to date with the constantly evolving ecosystem. You want to be a top performing web developer, coder, programer, software developer, but you don’t have time to select from hundreds of articles, videos and podcasts each day.

This monthly newsletter is going to be focused on keeping up to date with the industry, keeping your skills sharp, without wasting your valuable time. I will be sharing the most important articles, podcasts and videos of the month. Think Tim Ferriss and the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) meeting the Software Development world. What’s the 20% that will get you 80% of the results?

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What you missed in August as a Web Developer…

Become a JavaScript Testing Master 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

Tests are important. We all know this, but sometimes we can get lazy. Well, we no longer have an excuse because we have a nice organized list of JavaScript and Node.js testing best practices. Spend a day to read through this. It is well worth it.

Free Tools For Web Developers ✂️

Some tools and assets to help you build your next project since we are best friends by now (unless this is your first time reading my articles… in that case let’s take things slow):

  1. Generate pretty looking waves for your next project
  2. Another Free logo maker!
  3. A nice little tool to make page maps
  4. Free art and illustrations for you to use
  5. Turn any website into an API. Free up to 1000 API calls.
  6. Make a website act and look like a Terminal. Good portfolio idea.
  7. Ever wonder how people share awesome code snippets? This is how
  8. Want to work remote? People seem to love the idea. Here is a new job board for remote jobs
  9. Here are some free startup templates

YES 10 free tools this month. Pretty generous right?! You should definitely give this article a 👏 , share with your friends and subscribe right now. Sorry for being demanding.

PHP News 🧞‍♂️

Our first mention of PHP in this newsletter! WHAT IS GOING ON, TRAITOR!?? Don’t worry, I haven’t jumped ship. But since this is a Web Development newsletter, we should learn about things outside of our JavaScript bubble. PHP has a new proposal to create a dialect of PHP (code named P++) that will live alongside PHP that will potentially be strictly typed (think TypeScript vs JavaScript).

React News 💎

It wouldn’t be a monthly recap without some React news. What crazy things did they get up to?

Python is Eating the World 🐍

Ever heard of Python? It has been growing like crazy the last couple of years. Don’t worry, JavaScript isn’t going anywhere and if you know JavaScript, it’s not hard to pick up Python. Here is a great read on how it got so popular.

PS, I’m releasing a course this month on Python. It’s going to be pretty big and complete. You can see what I will be teaching here.

Privacy News 🌋

A nice writeup of how a JIRA issue exposed internal project boards of organizations like NASA. This is actually not new, but still a fun read.

Google team found some new vulnerabilities that allowed iOS phones to have a monitoring implant downloaded onto them simply by just visiting certain websites.

Microservices Architecture Cons 🌿

Always good to read different sides of the story. This article does a great job outlining some of the situations in which you may not want to implement a Microservices architecture, and instead stick to your monolith.

CSS Animations + Transitions 🌈

A nice little guide to using CSS animations and transitions to improve your designs. You probably don’t need to know these in so much detail, but the blog post has some pretty nice examples of beautiful animations you can do just with CSS.

While we are on this design topic. Here is the best chrome plugins for designers and a way for you to create your own SVGs.

Performance Quick Tips ⚡️

More performance articles from Google’s web.dev website. This is a nice “to-do” list if you really want to optimize your website. Just don’t go down a never ending rabbit hole with this one.

Global News For Developers 📰

Three big stories this past month:

The Greatest VS Code Setup in the World 🏰

Ever wished there was a list of the greatest plugins and extensions for VS Code in one location so that you have all the tools needed to be a full stack developer? Well, somebody made the list and it is pretty good. Just don’t go around installing everything… only install the ones you actually need.

Ace Your Next Tech Interview 🎯

A great resource for you to bookmark because there is no way you can read it all in one sitting. But this will be a great tool for you to use as you get prepared for coding interviews. Some excellent advice and tips in here.

What Is Good Software? 🧱

Sometimes we get caught up in our code and our own views. Take a break, and read this article. If you start mentioning things from this article in your next interview, the interviewer is going to love you.

How Does HTTPS Work? 🚠

Easy. Just follow this article and its cute animations to be able to explain to all of your friends how HTTPS works. We need more things explained with animations.

Big Tech News 🏢

Completely useless to your career but still great 🙃

Find fruit trees in the wild. Now this is a great personal web project! We have enough To Do List apps in the world. Let’s all move to Find Fruit Trees apps in React/Angular/Vue (data sources provided in the link). Cool? Cool.

Best Resource of the Month ✅

A great explanation of how we got to where we are in the web development world. Looking forward to the 2nd part of this post. Sometimes posts like these explaining the “why” are more helpful than the very common “this is the latest, newest, way to do something using this library” blog post.

Trick of the Month 🌗

A distraction free way to browse YouTube videos… pretty useful since when was the last time you learned something from the YouTube comment section?

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