Online Computer Science Degree

This path is for anyone wishing they had a Computer Science degree but can't afford the money or time to get one. We give you a step-by-step roadmap to get the Computer Science knowledge and skills you need so that you can outperform even the top CS students. You’ll be guided through our curated curriculum of courses, workshops, challenges, and action items to help you make up for not having a CS degree.

What You'll Learn

  • Make up for not having gone through a Computer Science Degree at a University
  • Learn all the modern skills of a Computer Science graduate + more!
  • Learn about JavaScript, Python and the power of programming languages
  • Dive into different fields like Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Database Administration and Ethical Hacking
  • How to ace all of your interviews, get more job offers and a higher salary

Your Career Path

Course · optional for you
The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery 40 Hours ·401 Lessons
Learn to code from scratch and get hired as a Web Developer in 2023. This full-stack coding bootcamp will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Machine Learning & more.
Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms 21 Hours ·270 Lessons
The ultimate coding interview bootcamp to ace your coding interviews and land your dream job. Learn data structures & algorithms and the exact steps to take to get more interviews, more job offers, and a higher salary.
Programmer’s Guide to the Big Tech Companies 💻November 27th, 2018 · 15 min read
React.js, Kubernetes, AWS, Typescript, Web Components, and Swift are all examples of projects, ideas, and services that have been released by large, for-profit companies. Why do these big companies offer their work for free to the Developer community?
Andrei Neagoie
Master the Coding Interview: Big Tech (FAANG) Interviews 38 Hours ·300 Lessons
Get hired at top tech companies (Google, Amazon, Apple + more)! The only FAANG interview prep course you need to ace the coding interview and get hired at the company of your dreams.
JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts 27 Hours ·240 Lessons
Learn modern, advanced JavaScript practices to become a top 10% JavaScript Developer. Fun fact: this course is even used as a reference for some FAANG company interview processes.

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What ZTM students are saying

Our courses and community have helped 1,000s of Zero To Mastery students go from zero to getting hired to levelling up their skills and advancing their careers to new heights.

Meet your instructors

Your Career Path instructors aren’t just experts with years of real-world professional experience. They have been in your shoes. They make learning fun. They make complex topics feel simple. They will motivate you. They will push you. And they go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Andrei Neagoie

Andrei Neagoie

Lead Instructor
Yihua Zhang

Yihua Zhang

React Instructor
Daniel Bourke

Daniel Bourke

Machine Learning Instructor
Mo Binni

Mo Binni

Mobile Instructor

Still have questions?

Who is this Online Computer Science Degree Career Path for?

Anyone who wants a clear step-by-step guide to getting the skills you would get from a University Computer Science Degree from scratch without needing to pay $100,000+ for a fancy piece of paper. On ya, and skills so that you can actually get hired.

Also, let's be honest. Some of the topics can be a little dry. So, we're even going to have a bit of fun along the way. No way! Crazy right?!

This Computer Science Career Path is perfect for you if:

  • You don't have a Computer Science degree and can't afford one or don't want to spend $100,000 on one
  • You don't want to waste your valuable time. You want to learn everything needed to learn all Computer Science fundamentals in one place
  • You don't want to learn and take this journey alone. You will learn alongside 100s of other students at your same level and 1,000s more that are just a few steps ahead of you
  • You can handle our amazing sense of humour (it's not spelled wrong, we're Canadian... well, some of us... see what we mean... you've been warned)

And it's definitely for you if you're sick of:

  • Outdated coding and computer science tutorials
  • Free courses and tutorials that don't go beyond the basics
  • Courses with no community or support system
  • Tutorial hell
  • Feeling like you're going in circles with no clear path or end in sight

Why get an Online Computer Science Degree?

Everyone has their own reason(s) as to why they want to get an Online Computer Science Degree and become a Computer Scientist. But here are a few of the best reasons:

  1. Lots of jobs available. As we're writing this, there are over 50,000 Computer Scientist jobs available on Glassdoor (not to mention Linkedin, Indeed or elsewhere). And it isn't going to slow down. From 2019-2029, Computer Scientist job growth is projected to be 15% (vs. ~4% for all jobs). More demand for technology means more demand for Computer Scientists.
  2. High demand = High salary. The average annual salary for a Computer Scientist in the United States is over $102,000.
  3. No degree required. It's possible to get hired as a Computer Scientist without having any college degree. Historically, you needed a Computer Science degree to get hired as a Computer Scientist but times are changing. We're not going to lie, it won't be easy but with demand so high, it's becoming more and more common.
  4. It's super interesting. And rewarding. You get to have a real-world impact. And the work you're doing on a daily basis can have a huge impact on hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

How long does it take to become a Computer Scientist (and complete this Online Computer Science Degree)?

Everyone is different. So it's hard to give a specific amount of time. The two biggest variables are the number of hours per week you're dedicating to completing the steps in the Career Path and your current experience level.

Don't hold us to it but here's a rough guideline based on feedback we've received from past ZTM students on how long it takes to become a Computer Scientist:

  1. 20-40 hours a week = 4-6 months. Students who have started from scratch as complete beginners (no matter their age!) and spend a few hours per day.
  2. 40-80 hours a week = 2-3 months. Students who are able to learn basically full-time and/or already have some experience.
  3. 0-10 hours a week = 7-12+ months. Students from all experience levels but are only able to dedicate a few hours a week.

What’s the ZTM Discord community and how can it help me?

The ZTM Discord is our exclusive online community for ZTM students, alumni, TAs and instructors.

How it helps you, short version: Increase the chances that ZTM students achieve their current goals and help them continue to grow throughout their career.

Longer version: Learning alone is hard. We've all been there. We've all tried to learn new skills and struggled. It can be frustrating, daunting, and just plain challenging, especially if you're trying to change careers.

We feel strongly that the Zero To Mastery Discord community is an essential part of the learning experience and greatly increases the chances for students to achieve their goals.

It's crazy to think that Colleges and Coding Bootcamps charge you tens of thousands of dollars to provide you with this type of experience. It doesn't have to be that way!

In fact, ~20% of ZTM students are also enrolled at a College or in-person Coding Bootcamp but feel like they just aren't getting all of the skills and support they need. But with ZTM, they do.

Within the Zero To Mastery Discord community, you can:

  • Connect with other Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers
  • Form study groups and complete ZTM Career Paths and Courses together
  • Ask questions and get advice from other people at your same level as well as more experienced professionals
  • Get feedback on projects
  • Meet other students around the world (and likely even someone from your hometown!)
  • Learn how to answer questions and help other students which will accelerate your own learning
  • Get help from others with questions and exercises
  • Work on coding challenges and real-world open-source projects with other students

It’s pretty awesome to see many ZTM alumni also active every single day, continuing to engage with the community, give back, and level up their own skills and career.

Are there any prerequisites for this Career Path?

A computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) and access to the internet. That's it! No previous experience is needed.

If you haven't already, take our tech career path quiz. We'll give you our recommendation for which path is the best fit for you.

How is a Career Path different from a course?

Career Paths are like a full College curriculum. Our Career Paths give you the exact courses, workshops, challenges, articles and actions to take to go from absolute beginner to getting hired.

Career Paths start with ensuring you know the foundations from scratch. But they go far beyond by teaching you advanced topics and non-technical skills that are essential for your career but aren't taught in Computer Science Degrees or Coding Bootcamps.

Courses are more focused. Different courses have different goals. Some courses are a great fit for experienced Developers, Engineers and Programmers who want to level-up their skills in a specific topic or framework. Other courses cover a wider range of topics teaching the foundations and fundamentals for beginners.

Can I change my Career Path?

Yes. You can change your Career Path anytime. As a member of Zero To Mastery, you have unlimited access to all ZTM courses, workshops, challenges, articles and other materials needed to complete any of the ZTM Career Paths.

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