Jacinto Wong

Senior Developer & Designer

Jacinto is a Senior Developer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He has a diverse background, including 5 years of experience as a teacher in Canada and South Korea. He has had a passion for technology from a very young age, which led him to build his first computer at age 12 and start using design software at 16.

As an instructor for the Zero to Mastery Academy, Jacinto combines these artistic and critical thinking skills to create high-quality projects that will add real value to students’ portfolios and jump-start their careers in web development.

Jacinto understands that for many, traditional coding bootcamps and post-secondary education are too time-consuming or expensive. With that in mind, he goes above and beyond to create the highest quality courses that are affordable and beginner-friendly while still teaching you the fundamentals you need to confidently build projects on your own and get hired.

As a self-taught developer himself, Jacinto started from zero knowledge and learned enough to land a Senior Developer job after only 4 months working through online courses. Having been in your shoes, he knows it is possible to upgrade your skills and switch careers without spending excessive time or money. He is now dedicating his time to help make that happen for people just like you.


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