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Consulting: The Complete Freelancer's Guide

Learn freelance consulting & how to start a freelance consulting business. You'll learn the exact steps to using your existing skills to start a flexible career or earn a side income by becoming a Freelance Business Consultant. No degree required.

15 Days

Average time students take to complete this course.

Taught by: Paul Mendes
Last updated: April 2024

Course overview

This freelance consulting course gives you the step-by-step guide to go from zero freelancing or consulting experience to becoming a Freelance Consultant that can get top clients on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. You'll learn the exact steps, tools, and techniques needed to conduct research, prepare reports, and solve problems for businesses using your existing skills and knowledge.

What you'll learn

  • Case studies that bring you behind-the-scenes with actual clients
  • How to prepare professional reports and presentations
  • How to solve problems for businesses seeking online consultants on freelancing websites
  • Use your existing knowledge & expertise in any sector to consult online and provide value to companies
  • Build relationships with clients so that you can earn recurring income
  • Craft freelance consulting proposals that will land you desirable clients
  • Step-by-step breakdown of landing your first client to growing your freelance consulting business
  • Build a side-hustle or a full-time online income with a flexible schedule
  • Use professional tools for client and project management
  • Learn technicals skills from data visualization to A/B testing

Businesses everywhere have problems that need solving. And they don't always have the technical knowledge to solve these problems but they'll gladly hire a freelancer to solve the problem for them.

That's where you come in.

You want proof? That's good because you should always look to dig deeper. I can already tell we're going to get along swimmingly!

Here's your proof: according to a study by the world-famous Boston Consulting Group, around 90% of business leaders believe that using freelance platforms like Upwork will be a key source of talent and the competitive edge in solving business problems in the near future.

You don't have to be some crazy expert to start earning money as a Freelance Consultant. You have knowledge. And that knowledge has value.

But many people just don't know where to start and how to stand out.

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world, making a consistent monthly income and having the flexibility to live your dream life. Sounds pretty great eh?

Then let's make it happen! Here at Zero To Mastery we're all about helping our students live great, happy, successful lives.

This course is not like other courses and tutorials you will find online that only cover the basics. Or worse, are taught by someone that isn't even a successful Freelance Consultant themselves.

This course is focused on efficiency and taking action:

  • Paul is a Top 10% Freelancer on Upwork and he gives you the exact steps and templates that he has tested and used to get high-paying clients.
  • We avoid the fluff so that you can land your first client as quickly as possible and set you up for long-term success.
  • You could complete the majority of this course in a weekend and get your first client in the next week or two if you're serious about making it happen.
  • Freelance Consulting is a competitive but rapidly growing space, so we will be going beyond the basics and showing you how to establish yourself early so that you can be a top 10% freelance Consultant and build a sustainable and profitable business.

And you won't be learning alone.

Because by enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom to learn alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors.

This Freelance Consulting Bootcamp course covers:

If you want to learn consulting then you've come to the right place. That's because this consulting course covers everything Paul has learned so far in his independent consulting career. He's made the mistakes so you don't have to. He knows what works and what doesn't. And he is sharing absolutely everything with you. Step-by-step.

1. Getting Started as a Freelance Consultant

What is freelance consulting? What does a consultant do? The course starts by answering these questions, showing you the day-to-day of a freelance consultant and the opportunities available to you.

You'll see that, like many jobs in today's world, fancy degrees are becoming less and less relevant. In fact anyone can be an online consultant, not just those with an MBA.

Ultimately a consultant is just someone that helps a business (of any size and in any sector) with their problems, right? So why can't that be you?

Consultants are hired guns. They're mercenaries brought on board to apply their specific knowledge to a specific problem.

No matter how junior you think you are, you have knowledge that you've gained during your career.

This course will show you how you can use that knowledge to solve problems faced by businesses and package it into professional reports and presentations that will wow clients.

2. Practical Exercises for Your Dream Company

The best way to learn is by doing. That's why this course is packed with exercises. Throughout the course you will conduct actual online consulting work for your Dream Company.

If you love video games then you could choose to consult for Nintendo throughout this course. If you love ice cream then maybe you choose Ben & Jerry's.

Whatever company you choose, this is the company you are going to consult for and work with during this course. So choose carefully!

You never know, one day you may actually have an opportunity to make a consulting proposal to the company you choose, and the consulting materials that you create for them during this course would surely come in handy for that proposal.

Or even better, you can (and should) send a cold email to someone at your Dream Company with the materials you prepared to get your foot in the door!

3. Build Your Profile

Having a top-notch profile on a freelancing site like Upwork of Fiverr will help you gain attention and build instant credibility with clients. Paul will show you exactly how to create a profile that will help you land high-ticket clients.

4. Professional Research & Reports

We don't want to help you just get started, but to excel. This section teaches you how to efficiently conduct research and prepare reports that will ensure your work product provides actionable solutions for your clients and wows them with your professionalism and skills.

5. Practical Tools & Techniques

This course focuses on practical tools and actionable information. As an online consultant you're going to need to use those tools and techniques to manage clients, prepare professional reports & presentations, and grow your business.

You'll learn exactly what these free tools are, how to use them, and you'll even get behind-the-scenes demos of how they've been used on real consulting jobs with real clients.

6. Develop Your Personal Brand

Freelance Consulting is competitive. This section is going to teach you how to stand out from the competition and build up a personal brand so that you can build an online presence and become a thought leader and in your sector.

7. PDF Templates & Agreements

You'll also get templates, agreements, and resources that you can use to quickly and efficiently engage clients and start your business consulting career.

What's the bottom line?

This freelance consulting course is not about making you just watch a bunch of videos so that when you are done with the course you don’t know what to do other than watch another tutorial... No!

This course will push you and challenge you to learn consulting, to take you from an absolute beginner with no experience and no clients to landing your key clients and earning meaningful income as a Freelance Consultant 💪.

How do we know?

Because thousands of Zero To Mastery graduates have gotten hired and are now working at companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, Shopify + other top tech companies.

They are also working as top freelancers getting paid while working remotely around the world.

They come from all different backgrounds, ages, and experiences. Many even started as complete beginners.

So there's no reason it can't be you too.

And you have nothing to lose. Because you can start learning right now and if this course isn't everything you expected, we'll refund you 100% within 30 days. No hassles and no questions asked.

When's the best time to get started? Today!

There's never a bad time to learn in-demand skills. But the sooner, the better. So start learning Freelance Consulting today by joining the ZTM Academy. You'll have a clear roadmap to developing the skills to get hired and advance your career.

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Course curriculum

To make sure this course is a good fit for you, you can start learning for free right now by clicking any of the PREVIEW links below.


3 lectures

Consulting: The Complete Freelancer's Guide2:01


Exercise: Meet Your Classmates and Instructor


How-to's: Speed up videos, Downloading videos, Subtitles


Section 1: Start Building a Freelance Consulting Career

8 lectures

What does a consultant do?10:01


Case Study: What I do as a consultant3:52


Exercise: Choose your Dream Company


Foundation of consulting success9:32


How to get paid for your advice, knowledge & suggestions7:08


How to be productive and have consulting success9:02


How to use the Eisenhower Matrix3:42


Unlimited Updates


Section 2: Getting Started as a Freelance Consultant

10 lectures

Getting started7:53


Choosing a profitable consulting niche5:49


Mistakes to avoid when choosing a niche2:01


Aligning yourself with an established platform5:36


Mistakes to avoid when choosing a platform3:14


How to craft a consulting offer5:43


Understanding the scope of work5:43


The Value Ladder7:56


Case Study: My in-demand consulting offer3:34


Exercise: Create a consulting offer and Value Ladder for your Dream Company


Section 3: How To Find & Land High-Paying Consulting Clients

20 lectures

How to land your first consulting client3:28


How to land trial clients2:27


Where to find consulting clients2:53


Finding consulting clients in your network4:05


Keep track of everything with a CRM (HubSpot)7:38


Exercise: Sign up for HubSpot and create a Sample Client


Finding consulting clients on employment sites5:55


Finding consulting jobs on Upwork8:45


Upwork consultation project demo18:00


Exercise: Build your profile on Upwork


Exercise: Imposter syndrome2:55


Tips for landing high-paying clients5:00


High-Paying Clients vs Nightmare Clients6:00


Case Study: Behind the scenes of landing a client4:53


Consulting sales tips to land more clients8:22


Tackle all objections that arise5:44


How to handle client payments2:46


Freelancing Websites vs Personal Invoices4:08


Example: Invoice5:44


Scaling to multiple consulting clients4:44


Section 4: How To Conduct Proper Research as a Freelance Consultant

9 lectures

How to conduct proper research & gather quality data7:40


Case Study: Conducting research8:06


Exercise: Research project


How to create effective and appealing consumer reports11:58


Example: Create a report with Canva4:52


Exercise: Create a sample report / presentation


Data visualization6:12


Communication tips for consultants6:36


How to use A/B testing as a consultant7:44


Section 5: Developing Your Personal Brand as a Freelance Consultant

5 lectures

Top benefits provided by building your personal brand9:15


Building an online presence & producing content10:33


Exercise: Create your content calendar


How to embrace collaboration as a consultant8:39


Building a community for maximum impact8:16


Where To Go From Here?

5 lectures

Thank You!1:17


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Meet your instructor

Your instructor isn't just an expert with years of real-world professional experience. He has been in your shoes. He makes learning fun. He makes complex topics feel simple. He will motivate you. He will push you. And he will go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Paul Mendes

Hi, I'm Paul Mendes!

Paul has worked his way up to becoming one of the top-rated Freelancers on Upwork and is now helping others, just like you, replicate his success to become a profitable freelancer.


Paul Mendes

Freelancer & Consultant

Frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

None! Anyone can become a successful freelance consultant as long as you're willing to put in the work and help businesses solve their problems.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to apply the knowledge and expertise they've gained during their career in a new way
  • Anyone who wants to start a freelance consulting business from scratch but doesn't know where to start
  • Current freelancers who want to land more high-paying clients
  • Anyone looking to create a profitable freelancing business
  • Anyone who wants to create a side-hustle or full-time source of income online
  • Anyone looking to leave their 9-to-5 for a life of financial, personal, and professional flexibility
  • Anyone who has already tried or is currently freelance consulting but isn't having as much success as they'd like
  • Anyone that is struggling to get hired as a full-time developer, designer, marketer, etc. and wants to get paid to problem solve for businesses
  • You want to learn from an actual Freelance Consultant that makes $80+/hr and is rated in the Top 10% of freelancers on Upwork

What is the difference between Freelance Consulting vs. Freelancing?

Good question! They're obviously related, but the difference is in the type of work.

Freelancing involves being hired by a business to do a specific task, like building their website, building an app, or running a digital ads campaign.

Freelance consulting is where a business hires you to research and report on a specific problem.

With freelance consulting, the business has identified a specific problem they have and brings you on board to conduct research to identify the root of the problem, prepare and present a report with your findings, and to propose solutions.

This can also lead to more traditional "freelancing" work in the form of implementing the solutions you've proposed, which is a nice bonus!

What if I don't have an in-demand skill?

You likely already do have a skill that can help a business solve a key problem they have.

Simply being able to do effective research and problem solving are actually very useful skills to businesses which you'll learn to do in this course!

And by joining the ZTM Academy, you'll also get access to all of our courses and career paths where you can pick up many new in-demand skills.

Is this course just for Upwork?

Nope. This course uses Upwork, the world's largest freelancing platform, as an example to show you how to apply all the tactics and strategies Paul has mastered over the years. But the strategies you learn can be applied to any freelancing platform.

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

We definitely do and they are quite nice. You will also be able to add Zero To Mastery Academy to the education section of your LinkedIn profile as well.

Are there subtitles?

Yes! We have high quality subtitles in 11 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Romanian, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Japanese.

You can even adjust the text size, color, background and more so that the subtitles are perfect just for you!

Still have more questions about the Academy?

Still have more questions specific to the Academy membership? No problem, we answer some more here.

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