Patrik Szepesi

Patrik Szepesi

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Patrik Szepesi is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist with a career spanning across academia, Silicon Valley tech companies, and leading global financial institutions.

Patrik has leveraged his expertise to pioneer cutting-edge machine learning solutions in various domains, including autonomous vehicles, banking, and healthcare.

His versatile skill set has enabled him to work at companies like Morgan Stanley and John Deere, where he helped create the first fully autonomous agricultural vehicles in the world.

Patrik's contributions to the field are not just limited to the professional sphere; as a Machine Learning Researcher at Óbuda University, he has developed innovative deep convolutional neural networks for medical image classification, with his work published in esteemed journals such as Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering.

Currently, he works as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer for a large California-based healthcare company. He has worked as an AWS tech evangelist before and currently holds AWS Machine Learning Specialty and AWS Solutions Architect Associate certifications.

Patrik is dedicated to helping guide you in this exciting field as an instructor of the Zero To Mastery Academy.

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