Mo Binni

Mo Binni

Full Stack Engineer

Mo is a Full Stack Engineer and Solutions Architect with over 7 years of experience in Software Architecture and Development. Having worked at a development agency for the majority of his career, he has seen it all.

He has worked on global applications for multi-nationals, governments and Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout his career, he has seen every type of developer and development practice, and the one thing that he believes more than anything is that software development is a pragmatic team sport. Go fast alone, go far together!

As an Instructor at the Zero to Mastery Academy, Mo's goal is to make sure you learn and master the foundational concepts to set you up for life-long learning and success. Software and development practices change often, but when you have the right foundation, adapting to the constant change becomes easy.

Having been a mentor to many new developers throughout his career, Mo knows what works and what doesn't and is excited to teach you and help you succeed in your career!