Free Developer Resources

Andrei and our instructors have put together this list of their top free developer resources out of thousands of potential resources in each category. Use these resources to take your projects & career to the next level.

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Cheat Sheets

Python Cheat SheetOfficial ZTM Python Cheat Sheet to help Python programmers of all levels learn and remember common Python
JavaScript Cheat SheetOfficial ZTM JavaScript Cheat Sheet to help all web developers learn and remember JavaScript
Nmap Cheat SheetOfficial ZTM Nmap Cheat Sheet to help all ethical hackers and penetration testers learn and remember common Nmap

Logo Makers

Squarespace Logo MakerSquarespace's free logo maker. Choose from thousands of design
Fiverr Logo MakerMake a Free Logo that matches your look & feel in 5 min and only pay when satisfied!
Hatchful Logo MakerHigh-resolution logos in just a few clicks, no design experience
Namecheap's Free Logo MakerCreate a free professional logo in

Free Templates

HTML5 and CSS3 TemplatesFree themes and responsive templates to create your portfolio or professional website in
72+ Free Themes and TemplatesDownload the best Free Themes & Templates developed by Creative


The Modern JavaScript TutorialFrom the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed
You Dont Know JSSeries of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of
JavaScript QuestionsList of Advanced JavaScript questions & their explanations ✨. Test your JavaScript skills!
The Definitive Node.js HandbookGetting started guide to Node.js, the server-side JavaScript runtime


Flexbox DefenseClassic tower defense game but using CSS to position your
CSSBattleCSS code-golfing! Use CSS to replicate targets with smallest possible
CSS DinerBroswer game to practice identifying HTML selectors for use in CSS
Grid GardenA browser game where you write CSS code to help you learn CSS grid

Free Developer Assets

100 Free IllustrationsDownload all 100 illustrations completely
Curated Colors in ContextGives you real world examples as to how your colors could be used in your
Free Illustrations & IconsMIT licensed (free for personal or commerical) SVG illustration images in different shapes &
Ultimate Design Tools DepositoryFind, Vote, Save, Share your favorite design tools!

Must Watch Playlists

CS50 Lectures 2017Incredibly engaging free computer science lectures from Harvard
CS50 Lectures 2019The latest edition of the fantastic, free computer science lectures from
CS50 Lectures 2018Harvard course on the foundations of computer
Crash Course Computer ScienceBetter understand how far computers have taken us and how far they may carry

Git + Github

In Depth Tutorial on Git & Github (DevOps Tools)This tutorial will teach you modern git and Github workflow using the command line and
Learn Git Branching InteractivelyThe most visual, interactive and fun way to learn Git on the
Git Command ExplorerFind the right git commands you need without digging through the

Everyday Tools

Screen Size MapAn interactive map of popular screen sizes showing the responsive and adaptive device
Free Mockup GeneratorCreate beautiful product mockups in just a few clicks!
WireframerFlawless SVG text for your
Generative PlaceholdersUse generative art for your image

Free Videos & Images

100,000 AI-Generated FacesFree resource of 100k high-quality faces, each entirely generated by
99 Font Pairings & Typeface CombinationsCreate and test amazing font pair combinations and see how they look in your
Royalty-Free Stock PhotosFree deliver localized, personalized photography stock photos for Digital
Old Book IllustrationsAnimals, people, landscapes, buildings. Find illustrations by artist, title of book or

Top Articles

Mistakes I Made When Learning to CodeSave time and avoid the mistakes that I made while learning to
The Developer’s EdgeOutlined path and list of the best resources for you to become a senior
Don’t be a Junior DeveloperDon't sell yourself short. Seriously, don't be a junior
On Being A Senior EngineerFantastic article that sheds light on what makes for a good senior

Handbooks + Guides

Career PathsCurated step-by-step roadmaps to take you from any level, to getting hired and advancing your
Learning Paths by GoogleStructured learning paths to discover everything you need to know about building for the modern
The Tech Interview HandbookCarefully curated content to help you ace your next technical interview with a focus on
freeCodeCamp GuideThis website is full of useful articles about all things and topics related to

Motivational Videos

Never, Ever Give Up!Diana's incredibly motivating Ted Talk (she swam 100-miles from Cuba to Florida)!
My Journey to Yo-Yo MasteryInspiring story of finding his life's passion. It'll definitely make you want to pull your yo-yo out the closet again!
How I Held My Breath For 17 MinutesStuntman David Blaine describes how he held his breath underwater for 17
Nike | Rafael Nadal – RallyCrazy dreams take crazy
Looking for even more resources? Head here for a complete list of resources crowd sourced by the Zero To Mastery community