Jayson Lennon

Software Engineer

Jayson Lennon is a self-taught software developer and Linux computing enthusiast. Using his knowledge from being industry certified in networking & security, he has designed, written, and deployed reliable and secure Rust-powered full-stack web applications.

Having been self-taught and then transitioning to a university student, Jayson has a unique perspective on the difficulties faced when learning new topics. He applies this experience to his lessons in order to help students learn in the most effective way possible, creating a middle-ground between the struggles of self-teaching and the struggles of comprehending abstract university lectures.

Jayson's lessons are clear, detailed and easy to follow along so that students understand what will be covered, how to actually implement what they've learned and then review why it worked as well as common errors and issues that you'll likely encounter.

Jayson also puts a large focus on giving practical exercises, so that you can practice and immediately apply what you're learning to real projects.

With an understanding that computing devices are everywhere: from street lights to refrigerators, Jayson's focus is on writing reliable, efficient software. He translates this view into his lessons by ensuring students understand exactly what is happening in their code, so they can write the best and most reliable software possible.

Jayson knows that anyone who truly wants to become a software developer will be able to do so with enough practice and the proper instruction. He is dedicated to helping guide you to make that happen as an instructor of the Zero To Mastery Academy.

Jayson is a natural when it comes to teaching and students will be able feel his excitement and passion for the topics he teaches. We're pretty sure we can speak for Jayson when we say that he can't wait to share all of his knowledge with you!

Come say hi and welcome Jayson on the ZTM developer community discord.