Diogo Resende

Data Scientist

Diogo is a data science & analytics professional working in Berlin, where he is responsible for the strategy and planning of €4 billion in revenue using data-based decision-making.

As a professional and Instructor of the Zero to Mastery Academy, Diogo loves learning complex topics.

But more importantly for you, Diogo loves explaining complex topics in way that is both fun and easy to understand. Whether it's basic statistics or the predictive analytics that big businesses rely on, he'll help you learn it. And our analytics predict that you're going to love learning with Diogo (and our corny jokes 😉)!

He has an M.Sc. in Management at ESMT Berlin with a focus on analytics. His thesis answered the question of how companies can minimize the inefficiencies in the demand & supply chain that are caused by weather.

Drawing from his vast experiences in the data science industry, Diogo will show you that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the skills you need to learn in-demand and future-proof skills, get hired, and make a difference.