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Conduct a Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis for Netflix with Python

In this project-based course you'll be put into a scenario to assist Netflix in rejuvenating the streaming service's growth using Data Analysis and Python.

2 Days

Average time students take to complete this course.

Taught by: Diogo Resende
Last updated: June 2024


Instead of the traditional analytics method of surveying users based on individual features, you'll use the Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis method, a type of market research that is grounded in science and analytics and examines consumer preferences in a holistic method.

What you'll learn

  • Gain hands-on experience in applying choice-based Conjoint Analysis for market research, focusing on understanding holistic consumer preferences.
  • Delve into real-world data analysis, using Python to explore consumer behavior for Netflix, a globally recognized brand.
  • Identify growth opportunities for Netflix by applying analytical skills to strategic business decision-making.
  • Experience the thrill of uncovering unexpected insights, emphasizing the critical role of data analysis in shaping business strategy.

Why Is This Data Analysis Project Awesome?

This project-based course provides you with a unique opportunity to delve into real-world market research and data analysis, focusing on consumer behavior for a globally recognized brand, Netflix.

The project's high-stakes, real-world relevance is a motivating factor that will help you identify potential growth opportunities and apply your analytical skills to strategic business decision-making.

Not only is this a significant stepping stone for your Data Analytics career, but the thrill of uncovering unexpected insights will give you a sense of accomplishment and highlights the importance of data analysis in business strategy!

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Course curriculum

Here's an overview of what you'll learn in this Conjoint Analysis project.


5 lectures

Project Introduction2:02


Project FAQ


Project Resources / Materials


Exercise: Meet Your Classmates and Instructor


Set Your Learning Streak Goal


Let's Do It!

20 lectures

Problem Statement3:20


Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis6:33


Python - Directory and Libraries3:14


Python - Preparing Data2:32


Technical Process1:53


Python - Regression Model3:58


Python - Retrieving Partworths5:55


Python - Customizing Visualization6:25


Python - Looking at Specific Drivers5:16


Python - Lollipop Chart8:38


Python - Feature Coefficients5:46


Python - Feature Importance2:29


Python - Preparing Relative Importances2:56


Python - Plotting Tree Maps7:05


Project Update3:14


Interaction Terms3:32


Python - Interaction Terms5:44


Python - Interaction Terms Results12:44


Next Steps4:35


Limitations of Conjoint Analysis1:23


Where To Go From Here?

1 lectures

Review This Project!


Meet your instructor

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Diogo Resende

Hi, I'm Diogo Resende!

Diogo has been working for over a decade as a data scientist. He loves harnessing the power of data and analytics to understand what has happened, what will happen next, and how to use that information to your advantage.


Diogo Resende

Data Scientist

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