Andrei Dumitrescu

DevOps Engineer

Andrei has been a Network and Software Engineer for over 15 years which is the typical profile of a DevOps Engineer. Much of his work experience has involved providing consulting services for a wide variety of companies on DevOps and SysAdmin best practices.

These many years of experience have allowed him to gain an advanced knowledge of the Linux Operating System, the TCP/IP Protocol Stack, Terraform, Routing and Switching Protocols, Information Security best practices and much more.

Andrei also has Cisco Certifications like CCNP and CCNP Service Provider, a degree in Economic Informatics and a master's degree in Computer Science. To say Andrei loves learning would be an understatement!

He also has a passion for cryptography, encryption algorithms, and solidity programming (smart contracts). He even spent three years building a blockchain-based ecosystem for Smart Contract Security Auditing.

If that isn't enough, he is also the co-founder of Crystal Mind Academy, a Cisco Academy and professional training center that focuses on teaching cutting-edge technologies to students.

Over the last 15 years, more than 50,000 students have participated in their in-person or online training programs where Andrei has covered topics like Cisco CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNP, Linux Administration, Information Security, Python Programming, Network Automation with Python, Go (Golang) Programming and Blockchain Programming (Ethereum/Solidity).

But Andrei isn't all work and no play! When not working, he enjoys crossfit, reading, and spending time traveling with his wife and children.

Andrei has a strong belief in freedom and equality of economic opportunities for people across borders, no matter their social status. So his goal as a Zero To Mastery Academy instructor is to teach you the skills you need to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.

We're extremely lucky and excited to have Andrei as a DevOps Instructor here at the Zero to Mastery Academy. You're going to love learning with Andrei!