Oana Dragan

Meditation Guide & Instructor

Oana is on a mission to help ZTM students become more productive, happier, and healthier so that they can be successful lifelong learners.

Having been a meditation practitioner and world traveler herself for 10+ years, she seeks to share the tools and methods she has learned from her own self-help path with the ZTM community.

Believe it or not, Oana used to identify as someone who could not sit still in silence for more than a minute or two! That is why she can relate to a lot of her students who feel the same way.

It took her years to really make 'going inward' a habit. Through that journey, she has developed a way of approaching meditation that will help students from all corners of the tech world to create a regular meditation practice that can help them achieve greater success in their career.

Oana knows meditation can change your life because it has changed hers in deep and profound ways. Whether you are looking to be more productive in your life, more focused in your learning, more confident in your job, or simply more present in the moment, she has got you covered!

Besides being a teacher, Oana is also a creative director, photographer, writer and globe-trotter. She has been to all 7 continents (Antarctica included!) and plans to be a lifelong explorer so that she can keep learning, growing and sharing with the Zero to Mastery Academy.

Oana is excited to have you on this wonderful journey with her and can’t wait to connect with you in fun and meaningful ways.