Dominic Vacchiano

Dominic Vacchiano

Software Engineer

Dom has been a Software Engineer for over 5 years with experience working on both the frontend and backend side of applications. He has experience working at development agencies and also at startups.

He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Computer Science and combined his education with intensive coding bootcamps.

This mix of learning styles has not only improved his abilities, but also exposed him to the pros and cons of both teaching environments. He is able to take these experiences and apply the best aspects of both worlds into teaching his courses.

Dom is a big fan of project-based exercises that mimic real-life scenarios and that allow learners at the ZTM Academy to build upon previous concepts step-by-step. This re-iteration of major concepts while introducing new ones is crucial in building a complete understanding.

Dom believes that breaking things down into smaller chunks, periodically taking a step back to look at the bigger picture and realizing nothing is ✨magic✨ will help you learn coding!

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