Claudio Bernasconi

Claudio Bernasconi

Software Engineer

Claudio Bernasconi is a Software Engineer, Microsoft-certified technology specialist (2011, 2013), blogger, technology enthusiast, founder of a software development company (2021), and instructor here at the Zero To Mastery Academy.

He started teaching .NET development on his blog in 2008 and has been running a popular .NET development YouTube channel since 2018 and mentoring junior developers 1-on-1 for years.

His education includes a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland and an apprenticeship as an Application Developer.

He has earned a living by developing software since 2006, working in different companies and industries in Switzerland. He has accumulated over a decade of experience in desktop, mobile, and web development in various technologies, focusing on the .NET platform.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, process optimization, and code quality, Claudio creates sustainable software systems peers and customers love to maintain. He likes to use established and cutting-edge tools where applicable to accomplish his goals.

He believes that thoroughly understanding a topic means you can teach it efficiently and with simple words.

In March 2023, he quit his job to follow his passion and become the instructor for C#/.NET development at the Zero To Mastery Academy, further building his software company, and running his YouTube channel.

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