Top 10 Programmer Articles From 2019

Andrei Neagoie
Andrei Neagoie
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Here are the top 10 articles that I believe every programmer should read from this past year (2019). Reading these articles has made me a better programmer/engineer/developer/human and I hope it will do the same for you. Let me know if I missed any by sending me a tweet @AndreiNeagoie


I write a top article like this every year. You can check out the others here:

#1 - Lessons From 6 Software Rewrites

It's hard to gain experience without actually working on a project with others for a real product or company. Luckily, this is one of the few articles that gives you valuable advice based on projects that are out there in the world. Excellent read to scratch the surface of experience.

#2 - On Being A Senior Engineer

Yes yes, there are 2149710740127 articles about becoming a senior "something" around the web, but this is written by someone with real experience, and with really valuable advice. I recommend bookmarking this article and reading it once in a while to be reminded of what skills are truly important if you want to grow in your career.

#3 - You Are Not Google

You are not Google. A very important read for an ever growing world of complexity in software.

#4 - Founders Should Build Website Not Mobile App

There is a reason I recommend getting started with web development first before diving into mobile development. With Flutter entering the scene now, it is becoming harder and harder to decide on what the right tool is for mobile development. I am of the opinion that if you are building a product, you should start with the web first. This article touches on some great points of why you should think the same.

#5 - Code Review Developer Guide

Google has to manage a large and well educated engineering workforce. One of the biggest headaches when you have such a big company, with so much code being written everyday, is to manage code reviews. They created a guideline on how to have successful code reviews and they are bang on with their advice: A must read.

#6 - The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius

What does it take to be a genius? Read this thought provoking article by Paul Graham. Once you are done with that one, read this by the same writer.

#7 - Why Cutting Costs is Expensive: How $9/Hour Software Engineers Cost Boeing Billions

After the 2nd accident, the Boeing 737 Max was grounded world-wide, and over $6 billion dollars evaporated from the company’s market cap virtually overnight. What Happened?

#8 - IT Runs On Java 8

Don’t let the title fool you. This isn’t a post about Java. It’s about the importance of making sure that you look outside of your community silos and remember that not everybody is using React, GraphQL, Kubernetes, AWS, for their latest mixed reality Starbucks barista review machine learning model app: IT runs on Java 8

#9 - The Cloud Skills Shortage and the Unemployed Army of the Certified

This is an important read for anyone taking the latest Kubernetes, AWS, Serverless certification courses thinking it’s the guaranteed path to success.

#10 - Mistakes I Made When Learning To Code

Final spot...drum roll please🥁🥁. A heavily biased selection because these articles are written by me, but I believe they are pretty good:

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