Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor

Software Developer

Meet Zach Taylor, a resident of Utah, United States and Software Developer at Objective!

Zach wrote his first line of code back in 2011, when he was a sophmore in high school. It was C++, and he liked it a lot. So the next semester he took an advanced programming class, where he wrote one of his first Java classes ever. The feeling of creating something new with code was exhilarating, and has propelled Zach through his career.

Zach has studied Computer Science, including mathematics and machine learning, since 2015. He has worked as a Software Developer since 2019.

Most importantly, Zach loves teaching and sharing excitement about programming with people who are enthusiastic about the subject as well. So get excited!

In his spare time, Zach loves golfing, studying Stoic philosophy, playing video games, and snowboarding through the greatest snow on Earth in his native Utah. He and his wife live in a suburb of Salt Lake City.

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