Yihua Zhang

Senior Software Developer

Yihua, an instructor of Zero to Mastery Academy, has been teaching students how to code for over a decade and has worked as a Senior Software Developer for numerous years for some of the largest tech companies in the world. Yihua is focused on bringing everything he has learned to help others achieve a new career as a developer and also teach the fundamental skills required to flourish in this incredible industry.

Yihua is a self-taught developer, so he understands the challenges and mindset of coming into this industry from various other backgrounds. Having been both a student as well as instructor, he can empathize with the difficulty of learning something new and challenging.

Yihua believes that learning itself is a skill that needs to be practiced and improved upon, and he is dedicated to helping others improve and master that skill.

He also believes that you need to understand the problem before you know the solution and Yihua prides himself on teaching how to build professional, real-world applications so that you truly understand why you are doing things a specific way. He teaches his students the mindset and skills required so that they can grow quickly as a developer and achieve the fulfilling life that comes with this career.

Yihua's courses will guide you to build beautifully written and richly featured applications, while truly understanding all the complex concepts you will encounter along the way.

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