Scott Stockdale

Senior SEO Executive

Scott Stockdale is a Senior SEO Executive from England. Scott graduated with a first-class economics degree and currently works at an award-winning agency where he assists global e-commerce companies increase traffic to their website, improve brand awareness, and drive sales.

Scott loves the SEO field because it is continually growing and changing, and it has given him the opportunity to work with international clients in a range of industries including retail, automotive, e-commerce, finance, and nutrition.

Scott likes to keep busy. In addition to his day job helping companies with their SEO, Scott also hosts a Top 10 rated podcast called Entrepreneurs Can Party (available wherever you get your podcasts) and writes frequently on Medium, mostly “how to” guides that teach people how to get started in entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, Scott certainly enjoys teaching! This was his main motivation for joining the instructor team here at Zero to Mastery. With Scott’s courses you can be sure you’ll learn what you need to know - he is focused on helping beginners cut through the fluff and learn the fundamentals, as well as on helping experts continually grow and keep their skills sharp.

SEO Fundamentals (Keywords, Link Building, Content Optimization)
SEO Fundamentals (Keywords, Link Building, Content Optimization)4 Hours 38 Lessons

Learn SEO fundamentals and tools from scratch. Scott makes SEO easy to understand and gives you simple, actionable steps to start driving organic traffic. This is an essential skill to add to your toolkit.