Scott Kerr

Scott Kerr

Head of AI Initiatives

Scott uses his years of professional experience, research and enthusiasm for AI to teach and guide new students to learn how to utilize AI for personal and professional development, and advance their careers.

As an Instructor at the Zero To Mastery Academy, Scott is now sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels how to learn to AI skills and get hired..

Most AI courses will show you what to do. But they won't teach you why it's done that way and how you can adapt that knowledge for your own use. Scott's courses are different. He demystifies concepts that other courses gloss over and takes the time to ensure you fully understand the core concepts and fundamentals that will make you a more competitive candidate in today's job market.

Scott's students don't just learn technical skills. You will also walk away with the critical thinking skills and knowledge to overcome any task thrown at you and be able to effectively communicate with teammates.