Markus Waas

Blockchain Engineer & Consultant

Markus has been involved with blockchain technologies and projects for over a decade - basically since the beginning - and working with companies all over the world.

As an Instructor of the Zero To Mastery Academy, Markus aims to share his industry-leading knowledge and fascination of blockchain technologies with his students, while helping them achieve real world success in this exciting and growing field.

Markus believes that anyone looking to be involved with and even lead this sector in the future need to learn the most practical, current skills. But they first need to have a deep understanding of the underlying technologies and the problems they are intended to solve.

He has earned Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science from Humboldt University in Berlin, and currently works in New Zealand for Injective Protocol, a new and innovative DeFi protocol layer.

Additionally, Markus is the Lead Author and Owner of, where he shares his insights on Solidity development and the industry.

Markus will show you that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the skills you need to build real world projects and get hired in the blockchain industry.