Ankita Kulkarni

Senior Engineering Manager

Ankita is a Senior Engineering Manager with over 10 years of experience in Software Development. Her career began by helping small businesses develop apps and since then she has worked at top companies in North America.

Currently, she is leading two teams and helping define the future of fintech in Canada as a Senior Engineering Manager at WealthSimple.

Before WealthSimple, she worked as a Tech Lead at one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Canada, Loblaw Digital, where she modernized the e-commerce experience for Shoppers Drug Mart.

Prior to that, she spent time as a Solutions Architect at (a leading development agency) and as a Lead Developer at IBM Garage where she architected and scaled many web and mobile applications for clients using React, GraphQL and React Native.

She loves public speaking and has spoken at several conferences worldwide, which has also allowed her to pursue her passion for travel ✈️. When not behind the screen, she also loves trying wine from different regions 🍷 and making pour over coffee ☕.

Having been a mentor to many new developers throughout her career and at a leading bootcamp in Canada, Ankita knows what works and what doesn't and is excited to teach you and help you succeed in your career!

We're very lucky to have Ankita here teaching you as an Instructor here at the Zero to Mastery Academy. Come say hi to Ankita on the ZTM developer community discord.