Amber Israelsen

Developer & Technical Trainer

Amber has been a Software Developer and Technical Trainer since the early 2000s. She holds multiple certifications for AWS, Microsoft, and other cloud technologies.

Amber also works to bridge the gap between developers, designers, and businesspeople with her expertise in visual communication, user experience, and business/professional skills.

Perhaps most importantly though, Amber is a storyteller.

She delivers value to students by creating lessons that are not only clear, detailed, and easy to follow, but also that are engaging and fun.

She knows that you need to be engaged and enjoying yourself to learn best. And you'll want to be at your best to learn efficiently and effectively so that you can go on to use your skills in the real world.

And that's what you'll need to succeed in your career. Because that's what this is all about, right? Succeeding in your career. As an instructor of the Zero To Mastery Academy, Amber is dedicated to helping you make that happen.

In recent years, she has taught students around the world about in-demand technologies including AWS, Azure, Dynamics 365, SharePoint and ASP.NET.

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