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Attend live monthly events held in our virtual campus. Meet your instructors, get career advice, and attend workshops just like a real college campus but from the comfort of your home.

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+ All recordings of past Campus events available inside the Academy
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Online learning is great, but you can't always go it alone. Our Campus will give you that small group feeling and help you get closer to your career goals.

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Frequently asked questions

What is ZTM Campus?

It's a virtual campus you can meet your instructors and classmates, and where we can all learn together! It's like Zoom, except you can only see and hear the people standing close to you, just like real life.

Every month we host live events in the ZTM Campus with instructors, guest speakers, and community members. You'll get to listen to discussions about career advice, workshops that help you advance your skills, and much more. Plus it's a great opportunity to ask your burning questions to your favorite instructor!

We're not all work and no play though. We even host fun social events in the ZTM Campus where you can take a break and meet new people.

How do I access ZTM Campus?

You'll need to be a ZTM Academy member in order to enter.

If you are already a ZTM Academy member, just come to this page anytime and click the "Enter The Campus" button at the top and you will be taken to the ZTM Campus. You'll also need the "World Password" to enter, which you can get by clicking here.

Note that the World Password changes periodically!

How much does it cost?

How does FREE sound? As long as you're a ZTM member, there is no additional cost to access the ZTM Campus events and all the recordings of past events. We aren't like some places that try and squeeze you by charging $8/month just for a blue checkmark...

Are ZTM Campus events recorded?

Yes, many events are recorded! Even if you can't attend the event live, we record the events so that ZTM Academy members are still able to take advantage of all the awesome information shared during these events.

Plus that means you can go back and re-watch the events whenever you want in the future!

However we always recommend attending events if you can, because it's a great opportunity to meet your instructors and ask questions!

Thousands of happy, successful students

Our courses and community have helped 1,000s of Zero To Mastery students go from zero to getting hired to levelling up their skills and advancing their careers to new heights.