Marco Napoli

Marco Napoli

Mobile App Developer

Marco Napoli is an active and passionate developer, specializing in mobile app development for iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop platforms.

His journey in mobile app development began in 2008 when he created his first native iPhone app. However, it was during the Google I/O event in 2017 that Marco discovered Flutter, and since then, he has been fully immersed in Flutter development. Marco was even one of the first developers to be interviewed by Hillel Coren for the popular "It's All Widgets" Flutter podcast.

Currently, Marco's focus revolves around the development of mobile, web, and desktop apps through his company, Pixolini, Inc. Alongside his professional work, he finds great joy in sharing his knowledge and expertise with others in the field of software development, including through his published book: "Beginning Flutter: A Hands-On Guide To App Development."

On a personal note, Marco has a love for caffeine - he cannot code without his trusty companions: espresso, cappuccino, and coffee. He's also an avid enthusiast of the martial arts.

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