Jesse Zhou

Jesse Zhou

Software Engineer

Meet Jesse Zhou, a business graduate turned Software Engineer who specializes in creating 3D experiences on the web.

Jesse made the transition from management consultant to Software Engineer by posting his Three.js portfolio online, which won him several web design awards and attracted multiple job offers from various companies in the emerging technologies space.

Despite his formal education in business, Jesse taught himself how to code and utilized Three.js to showcase his technical abilities in a visually captivating way. He currently works Technical Product Lead for 3D at Moment, where he collaborates with a team of 3D artists and engineers to create immersive 3D worlds for content creators and celebrities.

As a self-taught programmer, Jesse knows all about the struggles and challenges faced by those who are learning to code on their own. That's why he makes extra efforts to ensure that complex concepts are broken down into fundamental understandings, providing an approachable and accessible learning experience for his students.

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