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An exclusive community of 50,000+ developers from around the world, all of whom are current students or alumni of Zero To Mastery courses. Many students have told us that the community has been instrumental in helping them take their skills and career to the next level.

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Caroline Chan

I’ve taken 2 of Andrei’s Zero To Mastery courses and loved how encouraging he is and great at motivating his students. The ZTM Discord online community to connect with other students was so helpful as well!

Matt Smith

I was skeptical when I first stumbled upon Andrei’s courses but his courses and the ZTM community have been more instrumental than I could have imagined to changing the course of my life. Thanks so much Andrei and ZTM community!

Adam Szwaba

I GOT HIRED! Thanks to Andrei Neagoie and everybody else. I learnt so much here and plan on staying here to further the fantastic ZTM discord community we have.

Jonathan Sou

The ZTM community is a priceless resource for getting help when starting out. It was a big part to helping me get hired as a full time developer.

Zero To Mastery Community Discord Tutorial

Discord is a free and secure voice and text chat application initially designed and geared towards gaming communities, but has since grown into a powerful platform used by a variety of communities. Capable of running in your browser, desktop application and both iPhone and Android application.

1. Direct Messages & Friends

Here you can read and write direct messages to people, and manage your friends.

2. Server Directory

Server can be seen as groups, this panel show you all the servers you are currently in. You can also create and join servers here.

3. Server Options

Here you are able to edit notification and privacy settings for just the server you are in, for global notification and privacy settings this should be done in 5. Profile Options. Depending on your permission level for the server you may have server configuration options available to you here.

4. Server Channels

Channels are topics of conversation, Zero To Mastery have channels for a variety of subjects. Choose one that closely matches the subject of your message for maximised results.

5. Profile Options

Online Status

Clicking your avatar will allow you to set your availability between online, idle, do not disturb and invisible.

Mute & Deafen

These options pertain to voice chat, you can use these to toggle your ability to hear or talk in a voice channel.


Here you multiple options to change global setting across all servers from privacy settings to appearance and layout. This menu is pretty intuitive and pretty well documented with a quick google search if something needs further clarification.

6. Channel Title

This shows you which channel you are currently in. Any messages you send, will be sent to this channel.

7. Channel Description

Some channels will display a short description here, click on this area will show the full channel description. Its advisable to read these before posting and important channel specific information will be located here or in the pinned messages (See 10. Misc Options)

8. Channel Chat

The chat window displays every message sent in the currently selected channel, Discord does not delete message, so you are able to go back as far as you wish.

9. Chat Bar

You can craft you message here, you can attach a variety of different files including images, pdfs, video and zip files by dragging/pasting them into discord or by clicking the plus icon next to the message box. Emojis and GIFs can also be sent using the relevant icons.

10. Misc Options

Notification Bell Icon

Clicking the notification bell, will mute/unmute the current channel, preventing unread indicators and notifications unless you are directly mentioned.

Pinned Messages Icon

Clicking this will display a list of messages that have been pinned in the current channel by the management team. It is worth checking out the pinned messages, especially before posting, as there can be important messages saved here.

Member List Icon

This icon simply collapses the online memberlist column (11)

Search Bar

The search bar allow you to search the current server for keywords. With a default search it will return any message it finds matching the search keywords in the entire server. You can fine tune the search with something like “from: Andrei Neagoie in:#general before:2019-08-20”. You can read up more on searching Discord here

Update Icon

You will only see this Icon if there is an update for Discord you have not yet installed. Its advisable to keep updated for the latest features and stability.

Mentions Icon

This icon allows you to see every post you have been mentioned in, either in the current server or across all your server in Discord.

11. Online Member List

Here you can see members that are currently online. Members are currently displayed here in 4 roles:

Management Team

The management team consists of 10 students dedicated to assisting Andrei manage the community and ensuring you get the best out of the community. Feel free to reach out to them if you have questions, suggestions or issues.

Star Mentors

Star mentors are a handful of individuals that have completed one of Andrei’s courses and who have selflessly provided support and advice to many in the community and foster the mentality and standards that makes the community awesome.


The Alumni role is given to those that have completed the course and shared their certificate and story with the community.


Every student acquires the member role upon joining the community.

Markdown & Styling

Discord provides the ability to use some markdown to format and style posts, Discord have created a guide here
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