To make sure that you all succeed with the courses, we have an online community of thousands of developers helping to answer questions and talk about all things programming and web development!

This community is a valuable resource, especially in your early stages as a developer. Take the opportunity to chat, discuss and ask questions with other members. You will also find lots of interesting articles posted by your fellow students.

"Why Discord?" A lot of companies use Discord to communicate across teams and is a valuable tool for you to learn as you become a developer. In the spirit of keeping the course as useful as possible for employment this year, we are introducing a Discord online classroom where you can:

Many students have said this is the best part of the course as you will feel like you are learning in a classroom rather than by yourself in front of a computer. I know it isn’t for everybody, but being able to ask questions and help others when they have questions is the best way to learn. The Discord community should give you faster replies from the community and learn another valuable tool of a developer. I hope you find it useful. Once there, you can sign up, and click on channels to explore different topics.

If you need help using discord your should check out the #using-discord channel. Feel free to reach out to a member of the @management team if your still have questions. I’ll see you in there!


A few simple common sense rules to keep the community a friendly enviornment, a good rule of thumb would be to conduct yourself as you would at work.