Part 1: Getting Hired & Succeeding in Tech

Yihua Zhang

Yihua Zhang

ZTM Academy Instructor, Yihua Zhang answers the most upvoted Zero To Mastery student community questions in this AMA style video.

The theme of this AMA was about how to get hired in the software industry and how to succeed in your career. Yihua answers questions about getting your first job, your next job, your dream job and everything in between!

Yihua has experience starting his own company, working at a top development agency and has gone through the interview process at big companies like Google and Facebook.

Just a few of the topics covered:

  1. Differences between getting hired at startups vs. enterprise vs. FAANG
  2. How to prep and know when you're "ready"
  3. The HR process
  4. What's next after getting hired
  5. Workplace culture
  6. Imposter syndrome

Additional resources:

  1. Don't be a Junior Developer
  2. How To Become A Senior Developer
  3. Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms (top rated Zero To Mastery course that walks you step-by-step through a lot of the topics discussed in this AMA)

Without further ado...

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